The journey of Surrogacy can bring both excitement and a whole heck of a lot of questions. If you’re a Canadian considering this options to help gift a family through gestational surrogacy, we’re here to alleviate your concerns and provide clarity with these frequently asked questions to help you determine if you’d qualify!

These paths are certainly a transformative journey filled with hope and possibilities. By addressing common questions and concerns, we aim to empower Canadians exploring these options, providing the knowledge and support needed to make informed decisions.

Remember, working with an agency like us, we can help provide guidance from legal and medical professionals specializing in reproductive technologies, which are essential steps in navigating this process successfully. With the right support and understanding, you can confidently move forward on this extraordinary path to creating your family.


Will I have to quit my job or reduce my hours?

No, you can continue working as you would during a regular pregnancy unless any complications arise that require you to modify your working hours.

Are Surrogacy matches legally recognized in Canada?

Yes! However, it’s super important to note here that the laws may vary accordingly across provinces. It’s recommended to work with legal profesionals specializing in reproductive law to navigate the legal requirements and ensure all parties’ rights and responsibilities are protected.

Will I get to choose who I carry for?

Absolutely! At SurroCanada, we believe in your voice in the process and the ability to choose who you carry for, allowing you to build a lifelong relationship with them.

Will my children get to meet the baby?

Yes, if this is important to you, then you can request this to be part of the journey.

Will this cost me anything?

No. All costs related to the surrogacy process should be covered by your Intended Parents. You will be reimbursed if you follow your legal contract.

Will I get support during the process?

Oh, absolutely. Working with your support coordinator, they will help support your journey with medical care, emotional counseling, legal and financial assistance. We want to make sure you have a strong support network!

Will I have to travel? What if I don't own a vehicle?

SurroCanada collaborates with clinics located in Ontario. If you reside outside of Ontario, please note that you will need to travel to the clinic or appointments. However, all costs related to transportation, regardless of the method you choose (taxi, bus, train, plane), should be reimbursed by your Intended Parents.

What kind of medication will I have to take? Are there any side effects?

Estrogen and progesterone are the most common forms of medication that are ordered by your doctor along with prenatal vitamins, which help your body establish and sustain the pregnancy. All medications prescribed for the IVF process are considered safe, but some mild side effects may appear. This will be discussed with the doctor at your fertility clinic prior to you starting any medications.

Can I be a Surrogate with my tubes tied?

Yes, having your tubes tied will not hinder your eligibility to become a Surrogate.

Can I be a Surrogate if I have HPV?

Yes, if you were to have an outbreak at the time of delivery you would discuss this with your doctor and most commonly deliver via c-section.

Can I tell my family and friends about everything or would that be a breach of confidentiality?

There are ways to share this journey and emotions with your loved ones without breaching confidentiality. You can never have enough support.

How long is the process?

The process can move as slow or as quickly as possible, but the time frame is typically 6-8 months from your first intake call to becoming pregnant.

Can I be a Surrogate if I am a smoker, but prepare to quit?

Yes, you would just need to be smoke free for at least 45 days prior to going for medical screening and the duration of your pregnancy.

Will having had a loss of pregnancy disqualify me from being a Surrogate?

Not at all, as long as it was not your only pregnancy or most recent one.

I delivered my first baby at 32 weeks and my second at 40 weeks. Will that disqualify me?

No, it would not. With your last delivery being full term and complication free, you would be considered a good candidate for the program.

My partner supports me but doesn't want to be involved. Is that ok?

It’s not uncommon for a partner to support their significant other without being directly involved in the surrogacy process. As long as they fulfill the mandatory screening requirements (blood work, counseling sessions) and participate in signing the contract, they can simply provide emotional support to you.

What if it doesn't work after the first transfer?

Sometimes you become pregnant after the first transfer, but it doesn’t always happen that way. If the first transfer is unsuccessful, we’ll encourage you and your Intended Parents to speak with the medical professionals to discuss how long you should wait before attempting another transfer. Our team will be there to support you every step of the way, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure a successful pregnancy.

How do I get started?

Get in touch via this website or through our social media to book a call to speak with the Surrogate intake. As a gestational carrier you will become pregnant through IVF.

Don’t see an answer to the questions you have? That’s okay, we still want to help walk you through those steps! Please email us: with your name and phone number so one of our coordinators can reach out to discuss with you further. Our intake coordinators have all gone through their own similiar journies of egg donation and/or surrogacy, so they are the best people for the job!